Rick M. & Maira Kalman


Maira Kalman and I first worked together on New Yorkistan. We have done Posters and shower curtains, and designed great coasters for the Museum of Modern Art.

We’ve collaborated on Op Art pieces for the New York Times, done a great back page for the New Yorker called Ask Your Doctor, and a cover for the Washington Post Book World.

We spent nine months working on The New York City Sub Culinary Map, a poster size parody on the subway map in which we renamed all 650 stations, parks, neighborhoods and waterways with names related to food or eating. The New Yorker published it in 2004.

Maira and I are working on a series of photo essays. When we met we were amazed to find we were pursuing the same themes. Now we’re doing them together, and it is a blast.

In every project I’ve done with Maira, her sense of fun and her artistic integrity made whatever the project was add up to more than the sum of its parts. She is simply amazing to work with. You can find her work at MairaKalman.com


Our Dog Pete

Our Dog Pete